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23 Telopea St
Collaroy Plateau
NSW 2097

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Collaroy Plateau

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Why choose The Indian Joint?

Jaz - "service is complicated and cooking is simple..." Tony - "service is simple and cooking is complicated..." Jaz and Tony were born in Punjab and have lived in Sydney for half of their lives... Jaz has no idea what he's been doing for the last 20 years...driving and dreaming... Tony had been working in Indian kitchens for more than 12 years (tandoor/curry chef blah blah....) Every time they got drunk they would dream of opening a Indian restaurant. Opportunity knocked at the door and risk was hugged with four hands... We promise we will play day and night to provide the best food and service... Speechless...its unreal....dramas every it....our locals have this built this little casa mia...

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