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Roosters-Tardis Chicken Coops are the only chicken coops capable of housing suburban roosters. The unique noise dampening design reduces crowing noises. With the optional Chickenguard door opener roosters are kept within the coop from dusk until dawn, minimizing nighttime impact on residential noise. Construction-Tardis Chicken Coop chassis are constructed from 90x45mm structural grade timber. The external wall comprises a 30mm double laminated plyboard outer shell. A layer of air-cell insulation and another 15mm plyboard layer comprise the internal wall. Construction is done right here in Melbourne. Chickenguard door opener-With the optional Chickenguard door opener and self-locking door upgrade, chickens are safely secured in the coop at night and realeased suring the day. Tardis Chicken Coop price: $1500 inc GST Optional Chickenguard door opener and self-locking door + $350 Call 0481260098 to find out how we can meet your chicken housing needs.

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