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ABOUT SATISFYING THE SOULS OF AUSTRALIA I am passionate about cooking, a strong believer in eating from the ground up, love natural & local, and most of all, love making (and eating!) delicious tasting food. It is my mission to create the most flavour-packed, awesome tasting, plant based alternatives you have ever eaten. From the best tasting cheese alternatives and creamiest plant based mayos to mouth watering guilt-free treats. It is my challenge to you, to find better tasting alternatives (and, if you do, you can challenge me to create an even better tasting recipe!). ​ More than that, I have created my products to be more than just a dip or a spread. They have been created to enrich your cooking, get you thinking outside of the box and help you to create the most delicious tasting meals at home using my plant based alternatives. So check out my awesome recipes and start getting creative at home! ​ Make sure you watch this space as our online store will be up and running soon. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do! ​ Dan :-)

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