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247 Kingsgrove Rd
NSW 2208

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Enjoy Delicious Pizza & Pasta in Kingsgrove! Melthouse Pizza is conveniently located at 247 Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove, NSW. We love nothing more than providing fresh & delicious food to our local community. We pride ourselves on always delivering the best meals, quality ingredients and a fantastic atmosphere. Our Extensive Menu The menu offers a range of delicious pizzas; you'll find all the classics like the Capricciosa, Hawaiian, or BBQ Chicken on our menu as well as some more unique options. We also have a selection of gourmet pizzas, authentic pasta dishes to choose from as well as a variety of drinks and desserts to compliment your meal. Fast & Free Delivery You can pick up your takeaway order or take advantage of our free delivery service on orders over $25 to Kingsgrove, Beverly Hills, Bexley, Campsie and many other suburbs. You can check out full details on our website

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