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999A Victoria Road
West Ryde

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A Korean BBQ restaurant with famous ribs and even better pancake! We serve: Korean BBQ with famous ribs and even better pancake! The ribs and leek pancake here are as good as anywhere in Sydney. Ribs (galbi in Korean) come as either beef short ribs marinated in soy, ginger, garlic, sesame and pepper; or pork spare ribs in rice wine plus soy. Grill either over charcoal, and you'll have a long strip of sticky, charred meat perfect for gnawing or wrapping in lettuce leaves with funky bean and chili paste. Must try our slippery buckwheat noodles in icy soup. Slabs of charred beef rib, stone pot of steamed egg, fluffy pancake and tofu stew. Mouth tingling, quality BBQ meat, delicious Korean food, great atmosphere (noisy)! We accept Qoin here, welcome everyone to Mapo Charcoal BBQ. Please kindly note that English is our second language.

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