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Our menu incorporates both traditional classic favourites, and original new dishes, that apply eastern flavours with a western twist. Open for dinner six days per week and for buffet breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday. At the Lal Qila our goal is to give a memorable dining experience. The sensational foods offered are both traditional and contemporary. To begin your experience choose your Entree such as the grilled tandoori platter. The flavour in this appetizer blends perfectly. (Complimented with tamarind chutney and mint sauce). As a main course, the butter chicken is amazing as are all of the dishes offered and complimented by your choice of rice and naan breads. Round off your meal with a delicious sweet such as kulfi, (homemade Indian ice cream). Pakistani & Northern Indian cuisine uses certain preparations that are specific to its place of origin. These impart unique flavours and aroma to the dish and give authenticity. Masala's are the essence of all good Indian cooking. The purer the masala the tastier the dish. At the Lal Qila, we use the best masalas. It is the delicate art of slow roasting spices (masala) which is the most important ingredient of Indian Cuisine. This generates an aroma that satisfies the soul even before the food has been eaten. Interestingly each spice plays an enhancing role in bringing out the true flavour of preparation. Once the spices have been endowed with the magic touch of our chefs, you have a taste that never fails to linger. Enjoy dining in your choice of area. We are a BYO restaurant, bring your favourite beverages to compliment your food.

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