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139 Stephen St
NSW 2148

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11:00 am
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Why choose Korean Mami Restaurant?

Mami is an Authentic Korean Restaurant in Blacktown We serve original Korean Fried Chicken, come with a variety of sauces and options like bone/boneless, spicy or sweet. - Soy Sauce Gangjeong (boneless) - Sweet Spicy Chicken (boneless) - Snow Cheese Chicken (bone and boneless) - Sping Onion Chicken (boneless) - Japchae - Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap - Stir-Fried Squid The food is authentic, the place can accommodate a lot of customers plus a private room. Qoin is accepted here, we welcome you to our restaurant at 139 Stephen Street, Blacktown. Kindly note that we mainly speak Korean, English is our second language

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