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Why choose Khom's Kitchen?

Khom's Kitchen cooking School- The cooking course at Khom's Kitchen is an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most of the hotels and restaurants in Melbourne. Khom's Kitchen can eventually wrap up your journey to Thailand wonderfully!. Students attending this class will explore Thai cooking's unique ingredients and simple techniques to create an explosion of flavor in every dish! You'll marry essences of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, star anise, and spicy galangal (a relative of ginger) as you create green, red, and yellow curry pastes from scratch, then prepare dishes... Most importantly, you will learn how to do so with your own kitchen utensils, in your own kitchen in your own home. We also bring a range of cookers, utensils and other items in case you are missing some or for additional students. So whether you are a beginner or intermediate cook, why not take your Thai cooking skills to the next level! Thai at home banquets cooked before your eyes- Imagine you and your guests relaxing in your dining room, comfortable lounge and an exciting conversation while our talented chefs cook your food right before your eyes! Contact Khom (0414884074) or Quinn (0401901966), message us at Instagram: or email us at to make a booking.

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