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1/4 Esplanade
Surfers Paradise

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11:00 am
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Why choose Gringo Loco Cantina?

We are NOT accepting Qoin over the summer period. You can still enjoy all Gringo has to offer 7 days a week with full cash payment. Subject to change. The unique taste of Mexico, the flavours, the cooking style, the ingredients all come together at Gringo Loco Cantina. Start with a traditional Margarita or Mojito, or just a viejo Tequila shot with a Corona or XX (Dos Equis) chaser. Then sit back and enjoy the tasty starters and mains that signify Mexico, from mild flavours to the lava-like HOT stuff! The overall atmosphere of Gringo Loco Cantina will take you back to Mexico (if you have already had the pleasure) or it will simulate the REAL MEXICAN Experience for those who are yet to visit in person.

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