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Launching in 2017, Fenglehorn has quickly become a household name in and around Cairns as a creator of high quality, natural and all Australian Award Winning condiments. Originally launching at the famous Rusty's Markets in Cairns with a core range of 3 chilli sauces, we now boast 9 lines with a flavour to suit everyone. More recently, we have expanded our range to include non-spicy selections, such as Roasted Garlic, Tomato (Ketchup) & BBQ sauces. Winning national awards in 2019 with a 1st Place (Habanero) and 3rd Place (Cayenne) put Fenglehorn on the worldwide map and we are also proud to announce the Habanero received an honourable 4th place at the 2019 Global Hot Sauce Awards. 2020 brought even more awards with the new Ballz Out BBQ winning 1st Place and Supernova Uberlava taking a 3rd place in their categories at the Australia & New Zealand International Awards. Proudly a Queensland business, using Queensland produce. Since 2017, we have taken on a large number of select stockists throughout Australia and our sauces are proudly featured in the menus of fine dining restaurants, boutique burger joints, steakhouses and BBQ venues all around the globe. Fenglehorn is now moving into the globally competitive Hot Sauce market by taking our Chilli Sauce Online business direct to the people. Buy Local. Buy Australian. Fenglehorn. This. Is. Flavour!

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