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Why choose Ethiopian Village?

This hidden gem is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, dishing up traditional Ethiopian fare from its little shopfront adorned with Ethiopian posters, colourful woven wicker baskets (mesobs) and a few tables and chairs. For lunch and/or dinner, you can't go wrong with the restaurant's Combos, served on a gebeta (large round tray) topped with homemade injera (fermented sourdough flatbread) and small portions of traditional Ethiopian food. Choose from vegetarian dishes such as Kik Alicha Wot (stewed yellow split peas) Gomen (fresh collard greens sauteed with onions, ginger and garlic) or Shiro Wot (slow cooked lentils and broad beans in spicy red berebere sauce). Meat options range from Alcha Wat (curried beef stew) and Kitfo (lean minced beef marinated with mitmita, Ethiopian butter and herbs) to Key Wot (beef cooked in chilli and spices) and Dolet Kitfo – Ethiopia's national dish of finely chopped topside beef, raw or rare, cooked in kibe butter and chili powder. Or you can order a Combo with a mixture of vegetarian and meat dishes. All combos include injera and salad and are suited for 2-3 people sharing. As for drinks, there's Tej (traditional honey wine), Tella (black tea spiced with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon), Ethiopian black coffee and soft drinks.

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