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31 Aubrey Street
Surfers Paradise

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Why choose Chickery Chick?

Chickery Chick Surfers Paradise serves exclusive Chicken cuisines. We are currently located on Gold Coast, QLD. Our exotic Chicken menu includes Chips, Bacon, Eggs and Toast, Sausages, Egg and Chips, Ham and Cheese, Fillets of Fish, Pluto Pups, Plain Dim Sim, Sweet Corn, Pasta Salad, Works Burger, Schnitzel Works Burger, Roast Meals, Half Chicken and Chips much more. With great prices and sumptuous Chicken dishes, we provide you the comfort of relishing the dishes at your home with the option of online order that includes delivery and pick up. When the order is placed, you would receive a text confirmation confirming your delivery. To view all the dishes in our menu, please click on the order online button and grab our offers.

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