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Bliss Fit Foods are delicious, ready-to-eat and nutrient-dense real foods that are KETO, PALEO and VEGAN-friendly, and handcrafted with gut health, gluten intolerance and other dietary requirements in mind to elevate healthy foods to a whole new level! KETO RANGE - Wholefood ketone booster Organic Keto Bar & Fat Bombs | Organic Keto Clusters | Organic Activated Nuts | Organic Keto Mix PALEO RANGE - your natural wholefood instant meals Activated | ORGANIC | RAW | 100% Natural | Gluten Free Vegan No added Sugar No additives and No preservatives Extra low-carb The Bliss Fit Difference Great food must start with premium ingredients! We source our ingredients responsibly and use only the best quality. Ingredients we use are all natural and wholesome! Nuts and seeds are activated to allow better digestion and maximum absorption of nutrients. Once you tasted Bliss Fit real food, you will want more. Visit our website and follow us on instagram @blissfitfoods for more details and announcements.

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