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Selling Bento Franchises! Individual Bento restaurants are not part of the Qoin Directory. Read below the benefits of owning a Bento Franchise!” Welcome to Bento Franchising. Contact us today to enquire about a Bento Franchise. At Bento, there is a traditional Japanese box for everyone! Freshly prepared, Bento serves a range of convenient hot tasting dishes, including noodles, dumplings in their iconic square lunchbox style, as well as a large range of sushi, suitable for lunches and dining. We provide a wide range of boxes, from chicken, fish and beef, to vegetarian alternatives, with an array of flavours that would tantalise any taste buds. We don't compromise on quality and use local seafood, vegetables and meat to ensure we achieve the highest dining standards. We take pride supporting our local producers, by sourcing the freshest of the produce from within the communities. Contact us to enquire about a Bento Franchise today.

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